Where brides gather in sisterhood to share, support, and shelter each other to plan their Asian Weddings with ease (and without overwhelm)

Overwhelmed by a seemingly never-ending to do list?

Unsure where to start or even what questions to ask suppliers?

Seeking a supportive, like-minded community of fellow brides?

You’re in the right place.

Planning your Asian Wedding doesn’t need to be overwhelming!

Maybe you’ve got a seemingly never-ending To Do List with venues to call and people to organise and flowers and food- and you just don’t know where to start.

Or maybe you’ve never done this before, and don’t have friends or family who are equipped to help you, and you don’t even know what questions to ask (and might even feel scared of sounding silly). 

Plus, you need to balance wedding planning with your actual life and work, and while pursuing Pinterest is fun, it’s not moving you any further forward- and you’re ready to make some moves.

Regardless of budget, timeline constraints, and personal circumstances, brides from all walks of life find what they’re looking for in the Asian Bride Sorority.

You’re not on your own.

When asked what the most valuable part of Asian Bride Sorority is, members always mention the sisterhood

Brides with experience share their recommendations with others, from disabled-accessible venues to what they can make themselves, and offer genuine support from a place of true understanding

They access resources including planning guides, checklists, mental health support, style guides, and a safe, welcoming, open community of other women

Regardless of budget, timeline constraints, and personal circumstances, Brides from all walks of life find what they’re looking for in the Asian Bride Sorority.

Hundreds of Brides have found community, clarity, and support within the Asian Bride Sorority. We’d love to help you, too.

What do I get with my membership?

  • Exclusive Members Hub with easy-access downloadable resources and guides, including everything from planning checklists, advice, and questions to ask suppliers
  • Online Community with like-minded Brides all planning their weddings and supporting one another
  • Bridal Mental Health and Wellbeing advice
  • Access to Discounted Printing for all Wedding Stationery
  • Invaluable insider supplier advice (and other exclusive discounts)
  • Weekly Wedding Planning Q&A
  • Bridal & Desi Style guides with – Anjli Look Book

    Watch interviews with our members below:

    Hi I’m Nishma…

    …and I created the Asian Bride Sorority out of a genuine desire to make planning an Asian Wedding easier for brides. 

    I’d planned my own wedding and helped two sisters-in-law with theirs, so I’d experienced firsthand exactly how stressful and challenging it was to plan such a huge event!

    It had crossed my mind that hundreds of Brides go through the same wedding planning process and had nowhere to actually connect, and that many brides both with and without wedding planners find it overwhelming. 

    And so, in 2020, the Asian Bride Sorority was born.

    Some have called me their ‘big sister’ and even their ‘fairy godmother’ (although I’m not that old!) but really I am a connector, a facilitator, the halfway-house between you and the wedding world.

    I love helping brides plan their Asian Weddings, and I’d love to help you, too!

    It’s time to remove the overwhelm and gather in sisterhood with fellow brides planning their Asian Weddings right alongside you.

    Frequently asked Questions

    We have tried to capture the most common questions that we have had, but if you need more information please email me at nishma@asianbridesorority.com. I read all the emails myself! 

    How do I pay for the membership?

    As of December 2022 the Asian Bride Sorority is FREE and so there are no fees to be paid.

    Can I cancel if I want to?

    Yes, you can cancel at any time. As the membership is free, if you decide to leave the Asian Bride Sorority, it’ll mean we just remove all your details from our records.

    My wedding date is very soon. Is it worth joining?

    All members are at a different stages of planning their wedding, so it is a massive help no matter what! I always find nearer to the big day (when you are short on time) that ABS gives Brides a way to find out information quickly and efficiently!

    Is ABS still for me if I am using a wedding planner?

    Yes definitely! There are so many benefits to joining ABS, such as the non-judgemental, unbiased advice and support from myself and other like-minded Brides who are all going through the same process as you. So they get you! There are also resources, events and discounts that your wedding planner wouldn’t be able to obtain.

    Do you give personal help to me and my wedding inside ABS?

    Yes! I am in ABS each day and always there to ensure you get the answers you need to help you move forward to your wedding planning. I also host a monthly Bridal SOS session where we will flesh out any of your issues.

    Do I need to be South Asian to sign up?

    Not at all! All Brides planning a wedding are welcome no matter your background. The content is very much based around a South Asian Wedding so even if you are a Bride marrying someone of South Asian hertitage you will find it very useful.

    A sisterhood for Brides to plan their South Asian Wedding with ease

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